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    Golfing Anywhere Made Easy!
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    Fully Retractable To Maximize Security! 
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    Expertly Design To Fit All Equipment!
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    Conveniently Tugboat Design For Easy Transportation!

Golfing has Never Been More Relaxing with this World Class Retractable Golf Bag

Never struggle through 18 holes carrying your clubs again with this premium wheeled golf bag that provides an incredible amount of space and protection for all your valued clubs!



Discover why you need this product...

Everybody loves to enjoy a beautiful day out on the course, however carrying a heavy bag for hours or renting an expensive golf cart can lessen the experience. Plus, when traveling to golf, you need to worry about the security of your expensive clubs while in transit.

That is why PGM has created a high quality and extremely convenient rolling golf bag that allows you to easily enjoy a day on the greens and while traveling. Crafted from top class, durable nylon and offering anti-theft password lock, you know that your clubs and equipment will be fully protected.

What Do Our Customers Say...


I have been searching for a pull golf bag for quite some time and was recommended by my friend to this site. I’m very pleased that I’ve bought this as I have back problem and carrying my usual one hurts my back. This bag totally enables me to move around the golf course with so much convenient. Thumbs up! - Sam


Great all-in-1 bag for airline check-in. No problem with any car rental, as the bag fits in the trunk. My last bag which I have to insert into a travelling bag, I had to always rent a SUV because of its bulky size. Bag is very sturdy and have lots of pockets. - Frank


It made traveling with golf clubs simple and easy. It held everything I needed for my golf trip, clubs, shoes, towels, balls, tees, etc. without being overweight on the airline. The bag was perfectly acceptable to use on the golf cart.- Colin


How Good Is It?....

PGM New Golf Bag Standard Telescopic Wheel Bag 125cmTravel Play Multifunctional Air Aviation Thermostatic Bag with Password Lock

Fully Retractable to Maximize Club Security

The golf bag offers an added layer of protection for your golf clubs with a retractable top that extends to cover all the contents of your bag. This not only allows easy access to your clubs, it also ensures that your clubs are always safeguarded from rain or exterior damage on the course, as well as thieves while you are traveling!

The best part? Because the extension fully covers the bag and the anti-theft lock secures everything inside, this bag is ready to be checked on any flight!

Convenient Tugboat Design for Easy Transport

The unique tugboat design combined with the easy-glide wheels makes rolling the bag easier than ever! From the golf course to the airport and everywhere in between, the golf bag is created specifically to allow golfers quick and effective transport in all situations.

Expertly Designed to Fit All Golf Equipment

A premium golf bag not only holds your clubs, but allows you instant access to all the accessories that you need while on the course. This bag includes a variety of specially designed pockets and compartments that perfect fit your tees, balls, gloves, towels, golf shoes and more!

As an added bonus, the independent thermostatic bag lets you keep your beverages cool and fresh, so you can enjoy them throughout the day.

Lightweight Yet Durable Premium Nylon

To provide the perfect balance between usability and strength, the golf bag is made from high quality nylon and features a high-elastic protective layer that withstand the hardest impact. This makes travelling and golfing amazingly pleasant as the bag easily glides across any surface, while you can always have the peace of mind that the bag offers the rugged security for your needs.

You also receive a 100% waterproof rain bag, so you can keep your golf bag dry if you ever get caught in the rain. In addition, preventing scratching and damage during rough handling!

The Most Dynamic Golf Bag Available Today!

This bag includes everything necessary for the perfect golfing getaways! No matter where you are travelling to or which courses you play, you have the fully retractable, 100% protected golf bag that secures your prized clubs at all time.

When on the course, you can freely move the bag due to the unique tugging design, high quality wheels and lightweight nature. It’s powerful design ensures that it will last you for many golf seasons to come, no matter what harsh conditions it sees!

If you are ready to experience the freedom that this amazing golf travel bag offers both on and off the course, order your bag today!

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